Energy Audit

Green Loop works with its customers to increase the efficiency of the resources needed to operate and maintain their buildings. The fundamental objective of the energy audit is to establish the current state of the project in terms of energy and water consumption, in order to identify opportunities for improvement and savings in the short, medium and long term. It also seeks to take advantage of the conditions of the site, providing a high level of comfort to users and evaluating applications of clean technologies to ensure sustainable and efficient spaces.

Within the evaluation and analysis process, at Green Loop we make use of specialized software that allows us to reproduce energy consumption conditions in different systems of the building. This way, we can evaluate the potential savings of different optimization strategies, making at the same time an economic analysis to guarantee that the decisions made are the most accurate in all aspects.

As a result of this evaluation, reports are presented where recommendations are made, which can be considered by the entity to guarantee the projected efficiency.

Additionally, we carry out the analysis of the amount of investment for the implementation of strategies and its return on investment. The analysis considers market prices in the different references, brands and/or technologies, supporting clients to make intelligent and sustainable investments.

During the consulting process we also use specialized measurement and verification equipment, which allows us to collect data on the behavior of the buildings, in order to use them as input to perform the required evaluations and analyses and determine the current behavior of the buildings, while allowing us to project the future behavior after the implementation of the selected strategies.

Measurement and Verification:

Thermography (measurement of temperature surfaces at a distance without the need for physical contact in buildings and equipment to detect possible failures)

Lighting levels - illuminance

Ambient temperature and relative humidity

Air Quality (Carbon Dioxide CO2, Carbon Monoxide, TVOCs, PM 10, PM 2.5)

Electrical Variables

Measurement of Meteorological variables

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