Green Loop offers Commissioning service for new and existing buildings. Commissioning is a process focused on ensuring that the client receives a quality project.

The process focuses on verifying and documenting that the building and all its systems and assemblies were planned, designed, installed, tested, operated and maintained to meet the client’s requirements and needs (Owner’s Project Requirements), and the project’s operation and maintenance needs (Current Facility Requirements).

A well-structured and executed commissioning process during the Design and Construction stage of a project seeks to ensure that when the building is delivered, it meets the client’s requirements and needs. If the project is already in the operation and maintenance stage, the commissioning process seeks to ensure that the building and its systems are functioning and operating correctly, or to identify opportunities for improvement that will allow for enhanced performance.

The Commissioning Authority is responsible for ensuring that the project’s systems perform in accordance with the requirements of the project owner and users.

For a project, implementing a Commissioning process will help to:

Guarantee that project systems are designed, specified, purchased, and installed according to project needs and customer requirements

Verify technical terms for bidding by suppliers or contractors

Perform check-up tests to verify that the equipment is working properly

To achieve that the systems operate according to the specific conditions and requirements of the space, achieving an optimal performance

Make the warranties effective if necessary

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