Bioclimatic Design

Green Loop provides consultancy and Bioclimatic Designs, achieving buildings with passive strategies to achieve thermal comfort, natural ventilation and a high environmental performance. These designs consider the climatic conditions of the place where the project will be built and seeks to take advantage of the natural resources that are available on site. During the consultancy, strategies are implemented to deliver comfortable spaces for the occupants, obtain lower operating costs and respond to the client’s cost-benefit expectations. To this end, we rely on specialized modeling and analysis tools that allow us to evaluate different solution alternatives and define the one with the best performance in relation to the project’s technical and economic requirements. Our consultancy allows to:

Optimize energy consumption and quality of life of the people who will occupy the project

Achieve ideal comfort conditions (thermal, olfactory and visual) inside the buildings, taking into account their operation

Guide the client in the adequate selection of materials and systems for the façade and the building envelope, achieving high standards of thermal comfort, air renewal, energy efficiency and use of natural lighting

Achieve a correct combination of natural ventilation and mechanical ventilation in those spaces that require it

Featured projects

Mini Arena Santa Marta Diseño Bioclimatico y Modelacion E
Arena Santa Marta
Santa Marta, Magdalena
Mini CC Lemont Diseño Bioclimatico
CC Lemont
Medellín, Antioquía
Mini Reserva de Granada V Residencial
Reserva de Granada V
Bogotá DC
Mini CC El Eden LEED CS Platino
CC El Edén
Bogotá DC

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