Makro Super Wholesaler

Gabriela Sakae Teixeira

Regional Head of Sustainability

«We have worked on several projects with Green Loop and have achieved a LEED Platinum certified store, while implementing sustainable operation and maintenance policies for our existing stores and educational plans and training for our employees. I highlight the knowledge they demonstrate and their good attitude.»


Juan Felipe Lozano

General Contractor

«Green Loop worked with us in the LEED certification process of the Fontanar Shopping Center, and due to the excellent results in that project, we decided to work with them in the certification of the Pontevedra Business Center. We like that they are very professional and know what they are doing.»

Grupo Éxito

Luis Miguel Pelaez Quintero

Real Estate Development Manager

“We chose Green Loop for the LEED assessment of our shopping centers and we were not wrong. What we liked the most was the attention to the client and the good development of the objectives in the project.”

Arquint Colombia

Marcela Lopez

General Manager

«Green Loop has been an ally of ours in different projects. I highlight the quality of service and personalized attention they gave us. Our expectations were met, and we will continue to work with them on future projects.»

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