Green Loop works with clients in pursuit of EDGE (Excellence In Design For Greater Efficiencies) certification, so that they can implement sustainability, energy efficiency and water-efficiency strategies in their projects, achieving buildings that are resilient to climate change and have a low environmental impact.

EDGE certification was created by the IFC (International Finance Corporation), with the support of the World Bank, to promote the sustainability of buildings in emerging countries. Some characteristics of the certification are the following:

It evaluates the implementation of sustainable design criteria and has 3 chapters in which it is evaluated:

Energy efficiency

Water Efficiency

Embedded energy in materials

Featured projects

Mini Laurel Arboleda del Campestre Residencial
Ibagué, Tolima
Mini EPS Sanitas Hospitalario
EPS Sanitas
Medellín, Antioquía
Mini Parque Comercial Guacari CC
Parque Comercial Guacari
Sincelejo, Sucre
Mini Algarrobo Arboleda del Campestre Residencial
Ibague, Tolima

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