Green Loop provides consulting services to achieve LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification, both for projects in the design and construction phases, as well as existing projects that are in the operation and maintenance phase.

We are leaders in Latin America in LEED certified projects and through our consulting services we have helped our clients create and develop buildings with a high energy and environmental performance, achieving high standards in energy and water savings, reduction of waste generation, use of materials with low environmental impact, air quality and user’s comfort.

LEED is the most recognized certification system worldwide. It was created by the USGBC (United States Council for Sustainable Construction) and administered by the GBCI (Green Business Certification Inc). The system evaluates the design, construction and operation of buildings in terms of energy efficiency and environmental performance.

It has 9 chapters that evaluate topics such as

Integrated design

Location and transport

Site Sustainability

Energy efficiency

Efficient use of water

Indoor air quality

Material selection


Regional Priority

Featured projects

Mini Google Bogota LEED CI Platino
Google Expansión
Bogotá DC
Mini Paralelo 26 LEED CS Platino
Paralelo 26
Bogotá DC
Mini Makro Poblado LEED NC Platino
Makro Poblado
Medellín, Antioquía
Mini CC El Eden LEED CS Platino
CC El Edén
Bogotá DC

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